I caught her eye as l was getting off the train and i gave her my don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, let me be- face, which l usually wear on my way back home from work. … More Josiane


 I have a renewed affection for this word. Silence.  As the year broke, the older me did not reach for journals for the usual resolutions. As much as l love writing, planning and dreaming, this year l just let go. However here we are eleven days into the year and l have caught myself acting … More Silence


Those hands speak volumes.
Its as if they are made to grow up digging graves with their bare hands l swear.
Gosh l need answers, somebody, anybody, please!!!
What is the story behind? … More #Thosehands

Being Black in Germany

Try and be in the bus or train, and have the police head to you first irregardless of where you are sitting to ask for your documents. Try and walk in into a store and have the security person tag along you immediately.
Try and check in at some fancy place, and be questioned of your identity and if indeed you are the person on the reservation.
Try and have the store alarm beep as you walk out and see how vigorously you will be dealt with.


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